Bussiness is the best art

„Nowadays it is not sufficient that design complies with the imagined style and that customer or guests like it. All this is very important, but it’s not all. In the course of our work we observe the entire project, starting from the dreamlike ideas of the client through practical operation to everyday sustainability. According to our experience it is beneficial to design a target group-orientated and economically viable system also in the area of applied arts.”



We are working in a team, the expertise and knowledge of our designers is further boosted when we brainstorm together. The success of our colleagues is our success. Our success is also the success of your business enterprise.

We are designing your guests’ favourite place.

We’re thinking in international level solutions.

Deadlines are sacred for us.

We find solutions for all arising issues.


It took off as a bachelor flat but in the end it turned out to become the first real home for a young man.The main objective was to be functional and cosy at the same time.
Moving out from a relatively small ground-space it was a challenge for us to utilise the areas effectively, therefore all the small details, materials, functions and arranging had to be planned very detailed and carefully…
The flat was developed in an old lakeshore industrial building that was transformed into an apartment house.
When we started this project, the only thing we had was the layout, the walls were standing, but the doors and windows were missing.
The main objective was to establish a practical, functional interior which suits the needs of a family but also adjusts to the former build up and abilities…
The project is located in downtown Budapest, in the direct vicinity of Astoria transportation hub. An office building, which has been empty for 17 years, is now being converted into loft apartments. Due to the amenities of the building the hanging concrete beams, internal steel structures and the internal height all support the loft atmosphere, which might be the last such authentic building left in downtown…
The project is located in downtown Budapest, where the business and political life meets the masses of tourists and the needs of the creative, enterprising young generation. Previously the restaurant was operated under the name of Kyoto and it was frequently visited by the business and political elite. The important goal of design was to extend the clientele by bringing in the younger generation and tourists, while maintaining the original target group…



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