“Today, it is no longer enough for a design to match the desired style and please the customer or the guests. It is all very important, but it’s not everything. In the course of our work, we look at the entire project, from the client’s dream-like ideas through practical operation to everyday sustainability. In our experience, it pays off to design a target group-oriented, economically functioning system in the field of applied arts as well.”


Studio experience

Based on the customer’s ideas, we create a comprehensive strategy that goes beyond traditional interior design. A specific brand strategy is built from the customer's idea. The basis of the process is the analysis of the target group and the orientation of its results, which creates the basis for the harmony of the interior and the business, as well as the communication and marketing strategy, thus creating a working business concept.


EXTRAORDINARY DESIGN - Uniquness which defines

We are constantly working with our professionals to create something fresh and unique. The spaces we have created also feature our individually designed furniture, lamps, upholstery and a number of premium design elements to create something truly special. The design positions the whole business. BEING DIFFERENT IS GOOD!