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Studio Arkitekter was founded in 2014 by Viktor Csap with the aim of creating a luxury design and lifestyle brand imbued with Danish ideas, which is now a defining element of the hay of domestic design.
The team, currently 7 people, is driven by a deep passion for creating unique stories with their international vision.

From INTERIOR DESIGN to ARCHITECTURE to ART DIRECTORY and BRAND CREATION Viktor Csap and the team of Studio Arkitekter create a unique experience through the alchemy of design.

Our goal is to develop into an INTERNATIONAL brand where the special design approach and experience in the areas of RESIDENTIAL, CATERING, BUSINESS and COMMERCIAL real estate is a defining project, as well as being present with extravagant home accessories.
The development of custom products was launched in 2018 with the iconic hourglass storage table, and since then several lamps, upholstery items and small furniture have expanded the portfolio.

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2019 Big See Award Ljubljana Industrial category 1. place for our Lakeshore Loft project

2019 Gastro&Hotel Design Award Best Alternatve Hotel category 1. place for Arkitekter Penthouse

2018 Gastro&Hotel Design Award Best Rural Hotel category 1. place Hotel Neptun

2017 Gastro&Hotel Design Award Best Bar Budapest category 1. place Veritas Wine Bar

2016 Office of The Year, Our Own Office - Studio Arkitekter

2015 Office of The Year, Design Office of The Year - 2 projects: Mitte office & Solinfo office

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While we love to talk about our projects because they are all in some form of love is our child, it is still good for the whole team to be recognized when independent people write about us and our work.

Insta trends in architecture?

From the panel apartment to the BRKLYN Bar! Our guest today is Viktor Csap, the founder of Studio Arkitekter. It will be about the development of visual culture, smart solutions in architecture and changing trends. Are you about to renovate your home? Head to Pulicorn! Insta trend in Architecture ???

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exclusive interior design, home decor

Extraordinary Design

Extraordinary Design








Studio Arkitekter creates with the help of contemporary design in various fields such as interior design of apartments, houses, offices, restaurants, hotels, shops, branding business concept and object design. It was founded in 2014 by Viktor Csap with the aim of creating a design and lifestyle brand imbued with Danish ideas, where art and function as a unit serve the uniqueness of business and residential areas. ...



Uniquely designed and marketed exclusive home decor products, contemporary creations.



premium interior design of houses, apartments

So many countries, so many personalities.

We believe that you will be truly happy in your home if it’s functional yet fully reflects your individuality.

Modern design, architecture, and its ongoing understanding are an integral part of our operation; how people want to live, how they want to use their home, their living spaces is extremely important to us, as our immediate environment must not only fit into our daily lives, but also properly reflect our personalities.

From our initial steps to execution, we work with the best professionals to help us create challenging premium living spaces. We place great emphasis on our own designed furniture, design products, choice of materials and organization of execution, as we create interiors that we can be proud of.

Interior design or home decorating?

It is difficult to navigate through the multitude of services provided by interior architects, home decorators and interior designers. The names are not just synonymous with each other, the difference lies in who can change our home to what extent.

Home decorator

The home decorator forms our existing spaces to our style. The home decorator usually doesn't change the basic design of each room and only thinks on small-scale custom furniture, lighting and decor elements. The interior stylist, also known as the interior designer, performs a very similar task to the interior designer. They are ofter hired for a one-off basis to arrange the rooms to achieve the desired style effect. For example: for home staging or filming commercials.

Interior architect

The interior architect has the overview and full impact of the design of the spaces. By moving the walls, they can optimize the rooms, even rethinking the features so far. They can also design completely unique solutions and built-in furniture in the spaces in accordance with the defined style, and they also takes care of the complete functional and atmospheric design of our home.

Studio Arkitekter

At Studio Architect, we look at the project from the perspective of an architect, interior architect, interior designer, home decorator and contractor at the same time, its feasibility, its cost implications and, in the end, the “make-up” that will make the interior extremely beautiful. We design the spaces on a function basis, combining materials and lighting, and what makes the design really extra are those unique accessories, lamps, custom wallpapers or mobile furniture designed there.

What we provide

Most of us certainly have an acquaintance, a family member, who has already gone through a property renovation. In most cases, things didn’t go the way as planned. The idea, the specialist and the pre-planned costs did not turn out as planned, so the renovation was very burdensome. With many years and projects behind us, we at<b>Studio Arkitekter</b>guarantee the followings:

Creative and experienced interior design team

After reviewing the technical plans, we will only suggest solutions that are actually feasible.</p>
We plan based on the available budget to achieve the highest possible results.</p>
Design cannot be an end itself. By a number of home designs behind us, we know exactly the practices that will make you feel comfortable in your home. From the kitchen shelving system to the lighting, there are a number of factors that fundamentally determine this.</p>
We think outside the box. Every person is different, we strive to create something with all our innovative knowledge and solutions that suits your personality. We contribute to this with our uniquely designed premium products.

Prefined costs

No one likes surprises when it comes to a construction. You will be fully aware of all the costs from the very beginning with the detailed construction quote.

Technical and aesthetic guarantee

From the design plan to the final touches, we take part in the projects, we know the exact rules and technical regulations, so we can guarantee our work.


You only have to make some simple decisions and we will solve everything else at the drawing board and on the construction site.

premium interior design and home decor

Our services

You feel like something is still missing and you need something extra in your plan and you’re stuck with it. The routine, the years behind us and of course the vision of the Studio helps you getting over it.
The process of counseling is simple, we collect the available information from you, we review and discuss the issue with which you approached us during the meeting. In any case, the goal is to get up from the table by solve the puzzle out.

If it’s important to you that your home be extra, special, different than what you see everywhere, and meanwhile you like it to work functionally then you might want to contact us and see if the chemistry works for us during a free consultation.

The design process is made up of three parts.

  1. In the first round, we will create the functional layout, in 2-3 versions, which we will discuss in person and together we will choose the direction that suits you best – nine out of 10 the mixture of the two or three versions will be the final direction. This is the concept stage.
  2. The second stage is the design part, when specific materials, furniture, surfaces are selected and we negotiate them with you. We look at material samples, surfaces, drapery together so that in the end we create a design that you actually like. By that time, we will have needed to choose the faucet, the type of lightning and lamps you want, the suspended ceiling, etc. Once we have done that, the design section is practically finished.
  3. The third part is dry and technical, this is when the design documentation is made, a chunky book that you will receive at the end, of course, which on the one hand is an eternal memory of working together and on the other hand the imprint and exact guide of the work so far.

After that, if you want, we can make a pretty visual design that you can show off to your friends, or we can even make a walkable 3D glassess visual. It is truly the ultimate view of the project.

If there is a need for it, we can make a budget announcement along with the plans, although it is a time consuming task, it will complete your picture of the project.

Complete construction For quotation please contact us

Everything should be as planned. For a construction management offer please contact us

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premium interior design and home decor

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Architecture and Interior architecture

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commercial spaces<br>

Product design

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floor tiles

Branding és Graphics

brand identity<br>
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product development<br>
architectural graphic

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